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Credit and Cashflow Management

Managing cash and credit made simple

Receivable and Payable Management

In Tally.ERP 9, for each invoice, a unique bill reference is automatically generated to manage the outstanding.All you need to do is track the bill on accepting or making payments, and voila, it will be easy for you to track and match invoice, and get to know the pending bills.

Receivable and payable management
Ageing Analysis

Ageing Analysis

With Tally.ERP 9's ageing analysis report, you can easily identify the bills which are ageing from a long time and accordingly follow-up. The ageing style and ageing interval can be set according to your needs.

Multiple Bill Settlement

Using Bill Settlement option in Tally.ERP 9, You have a faster method to clear a party's bulk payments for multiple pending bills together.

Multiple Bill Settlement
Interest Calculations

Interest Calculations

When it comes to outstanding or credits management, you may charge interest on outstanding to the party. Tally.ERP 9 makes it easy by automatically calculating the interest either with Simple or Compound interest method and assists in accounting accrued interest into the books.

Cash and Funds Flow

A cash flow projection considers various instance of anticipated inflow and outflow and accordingly projects the net balance available for a given period. Instant cash flow projection report in Tally.ERP 9 helps in planning your investment or spendings keeping in mind the expected inflow.

Cash Flow Projection

Credit Control Techniques

To ensure better credit management, you can set maximum credit limit based on the credibility of the customer. You will also be notified through an alert during a sales invoice if your customer has any overdue bills.

Few more things you can do to manage cash efficiently

  • Send professional-looking reminder letters to your customers in a click.
  • Get to know the average time your customers take to actually pay their bills through payment performance report.

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